2017 Started With A Bang – Litterally


Happy New Year Blogging World! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break, if you were lucky enough to not be working! Hubby only had the stat days off but we did get to head away along the Great Ocean Road for 5 nights in early Jan. Although it’s not really that far from where we live, Lorne is a beautiful seaside town that we love visiting. We spent 5 glorious nights at the Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park, our first time as a family but the second time Hubby and I have visited. We stayed in a spacious riverview cabin, swan every day at the beach and did a day trip to the 12 Apostles.

**Warning, you need to book at least 12 months in advance if you want to stay there over the Christmas period as they sell out of accommodation every year**.

It was so great to get out of Geelong (albeit not that far away) and spend time relaxing as a family. Ella loved the novelty of sleeping in a ‘strange’ bed every night and we discovered that she is a water baby at heart. She absolutely loved the ocean! All in all, we had an amazing time away as a family of 3.5. Our last holiday together before our baby boy arrives mid-April. There’s only one thing I would change…

We were heading home from our 5 night stay in Lorne and only about 20kms from home when our car broke down just outside of Torquay. Thankfully, we weren’t on a busy freeway and traffic was relatively quiet, but still, Ella and I weren’t impressed at the prospect of waiting for a tow truck to arrive in the 30+ degree heat. Hubby decided to call us a taxi, seeing as we were only 20kms from home, and he called his mate Leo who runs Mobile Mechanic Geelong, to come down and take a look at the car. Ella and I arrived home within 45 minutes of breaking down but Hubby didn’t make it home until 4 hours later. This wasn’t entirely car related though – as a thank you to Leo for fixing our car, hubby took him out for dinner at their favourite local in Geelong. I never did find out what exactly was wrong with the car. We’d only had it serviced a couple of months prior but Leo did a great job at getting it back on the road again.

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Merry Christmas and Farewell 2016


I still can’t believe how fast the end of 2016 has rolled around. It was a big year for our family, hubby’s new job and dealing with his existing allergies as well as our daughter Ella’s diagnosis of several allergies (read more here). It’s been a learning curve this year, but one our family has grown through and conquered more than we anticipated. Now, we just have to get through the remainder of the silly season before 2017 takes over.

I thought I’d use this Christmas blog as an opportunity to give you a quick update on family life, since it’s been just over a month since my last post.

I’m really not a huge shopper but thankfully, I started my Christmas shopping in mid November and had finished it by the time the shops got hectic in early December. I hate big crowds and people who walk slowly or indecisively, so malls are not my friend around Christmas time. Now that Ella’s almost 2 and a half years old, she understand that Santa is coming tomorrow and is excited to open her presents. I wish she could have been this excited when she sat on Santa’s knee earlier this month… Like many kids her age, there were lots of tears when she got her photo taken with Santa, hopefully next year is better…

We’re having family over for Xmas dinner tomorrow, a traditional Aussie style Xmas day with a BBQ and lots of swimming. It’s meant to be mid 30’s so it’s going to be a scorcher. We’re forgoing the the roast and seafood this year and sticking to allergy friendly foods that won’t harm Ella. Lots of freshly BBQ’d meats and salad, fresh fruit and Ella-friendly chocolate cake. Thanks to Ella’s egg allergy, my favourite, pavlova is off the menu. Next year we’ll do food testing again with Ella to see if we can start weening her back onto certain foods, so I’m hoping for plenty of pav at Christmas 2017!

What else does 2017 hold for our family? Well, some exciting news. We’re expecting a baby boy in April 2017 which we’re all very excited for. I’m excited for bub’s arrival but very nervous about becoming a mother of two. Sometimes I barely feel like I’ve got control of one child 😛

On that note, in 2017 you can look forward to more posts about our dear Ella and her allergies, as well as the introduction of our son in April. From my family to yours, we wish you a very merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays with family and loved ones.

All the best for 2017

Cathy x

Hello Wonderful World!


Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Cathy and I can’t wait to get stuck in and update my blog regularly with the details of my family’s journey to a happier, healthier home. You can find out why we’re on this journey by going over to my About Cathy page.

I’m new to the whole blogging world so be nice 🙂 … And feel free to share any tips or advice you might have for me by commenting on my posts or shooting me an email at cathy@cathysquiltsnembroidery.com.

Let’s getting this blogging party started!